The center stage for changemakers to speak up for a better tomorrow

We know everyone wants to stand out as being sustainable. But do we walk the talk? Are we doing enough? That’s the question we eagerly await to hear your thoughts on during this year’s Impact Speaker Contest!

Impact Speaker Contest is one of Impact Day 2023 side events organized by Miltton New Nordics in cooperation with SpeakSmart & empowered by President Kaljulaid Foundation and Neste.

The application period kicks off on August 8 and wraps up on September 3. The semifinals and final will take place in September and October. The winner will step onto the Impact Day stage on October 6.

Applications and semifinals will be held virtually. However, the public speaking training will take place at Miltton’s office in Tallinn and the winner will have the incredible opportunity to deliver their impactful speech on the grand stage of the Impact Day festival at Põhjala Factory.


We know that speaking is not an easy skill to master, so we don’t expect you to be a professional speaker to participate. It doesn’t matter who you are – an executive leader, a bright high school graduate, an industry expert, a motivated student, a passionate activist, a creative freelancer or a visionary entrepreneur – anyone who has the drive to inspire through their voice is more than welcome to participate!

The most important thing is to focus your speech on a theme that piques your interest and present it in a compelling way. We expect you to inspire, empower, and bring about change through your words.

Need tips? Miltton’s public speaking trainer Eva-Maria Kangro wrote down her 5 tips & tricks for a great speech HERE.






When it comes to the three pillars of sustainability – environmental, social, governance – the question of whether we are doing enough looms large. While progress has been made in raising awareness and implementing sustainable practices, the magnitude of the environmental and social challenges we face demands a more robust and concerted effort.

That’s why we await you, a bright mind and future changemaker, to speak up for a better tomorrow that we can only reach by collective efforts. If your ideas aren’t flowing yet, here’s a few subtopics to get you started:


  • think of what we can achieve if we work together;
  • how we can lead the way for a more sustainable future by being one step ahead;
  • turning collective failure to collective success;
  • sustainability – from burden to growth.

These are not mandatory in any way, so if you wish, feel free to choose another angle on whether we are doing enough. Either way – we can’t wait to hear your speech!


In addition to the opportunity to challenge oneself in writing a powerful speech, the most compelling speaker will…

– have the chance to perform on the main stage of Impact Day – Baltics’ largest sustainability festival with over 2000 participants;

– receive the prize fund of at least €1,500. If the number of guests at Impact Day exceeds 1,500, an additional €1 will be added per guest (for example, €1,568 for 1,568 guests);

– mentoring sessions by Miltton.

One of the finalists will also receive a special prize by President Kaljulaid Foundation.


To compete, you should develop a compelling 5-minute speech in English based on the theme and submit it in a video format. The application period for 2023 is now closed.



08.08 – Application period begins (virtual)
03.09 – End of application period (virtual)

06.09 End of extended application period (virtual)


12.09 – Announcement of semifinalists
18.09 – Semifinal I (virtual)
19.09 – Semifinal II (virtual)


30.09 – Public speaking training for the finalists at Miltton’s office (on-site)
04.10 – Final at Põhjala Factory (on-site)
06.10 – Winner’s performance on Impact Day stage (on-site)

Criteria for your speech when applying:
Length – 5 minutes
Language – ENG
Use of slides – Not required, but allowed


Criteria for your speech in the semifinals:
Length – 8-12 minutes
Language – ENG
Use of slides – Not allowed


Criteria for your speech in the finals:
Length – 8-12 minutes
Language – ENG
Use of slides – Not required, but allowed


I desire to become one of the best public speakers in the world. I participated in the competition because it was a good opportunity to polish my message and test my speaking skills. Participating gave me both stage nerve, skills, and self-confidence to move forward with my dream. It was also so well organized that I felt safe every step of the way. I recommend participating in the competition because such competitions are not held often. The best way to challenge yourself and make your voice to be heard is to do it outside your comfort zone. In addition, you will meet very inspiring people!

Kati Orav, Creativity Catcher, pioneer of visual thinking and winner of Impact Speaker Contest 2022

Taking part in the Impact Speaker contest was a great opportunity for me to improve my public speaking skills and focusing ideas. As an instructor and a leader, I talk to crowds all the time, but making an impact in a very limited time is always a challenge. I got a lot of experience from the other participants and really appreciate how Miltton and Speak Smart teams made an effort to help the finalists succeed and develop as public speakers. There is always room for improvement and taking part of this kind of events is a great method to accelerate your skills.

– Martin Jõesaar, co-founder of Combat Ready

Impact Speaker Contest is one of Impact Day 2023 side events organized by Miltton New Nordics in cooperation with SpeakSmart & empowered by President Kaljulaid Foundation and Neste.


Impact Day is the largest sustainability festival in the Baltics. With approximately 2000+ participants and 3 stages full of inspiring content, more than 100 speakers are expected to take the stage during the festival.

The main topic of the Impact Day 2023 festival is “Sustainability – (im)possible?”. Here you will find like-minded people, fresh ideas and knowledge on how to go even further with your words and actions. The festival brings together people who want to act for a better environment around us, people who are really taking steps towards a better future.

Impact Day will feature various practical workshops, discussions, panels, and pitching competitions.