Corporate Reputation & Communication

Change management / Internal communications / Corporate responsibility
Crisis communications / Media relations / Reputation management / Public dialogue / Media trainings

Your company’s reputation is an asset you need to take care of 24/7. Building corporate reputation is something you start the same day you establish your business. We help you to create and maintain reputation from inside out; manage reputation in every media; build and maintain reputation with society and stakeholders; recover reputation after a crisis and build spokesperson’s or/and CEO reputations.

Government Relations & Public Affairs

Government and stakeholder relations / Community relations / Policy monitoring / Regulation issues / Opinion building / Litigation support / European affairs / Political guidance in Brussels

Business environment is affected by political decision-making. The purpose of public affairs is to influence that. Those who want to make their voice heard need to target decision-makers effectively and constantly as well as being accepted by communities.

Due to our partners’ political background we are the best networked team in Estonia and Miltton Brussels team gives us high quality support on EU level. Our services include monitoring decision-making and lobbying our customers’ interests at all levels of the decision-making process, from EU policies to national implementation, where we have a reach on all levels – local, regional and national.

Financial Communication

Investor relations / Financial reporting / Transactions

Financial transactions like mergers, IPO’s or capital raising are always done under high public attention and media interest tends to escalate. Building shareholder value starts with good communications.

We help you set up a story alongside a communication model and establish relations with key groups such as investors, analysts, regulators and the media. We know how to develop reports and to explain complicated figures in a clear way.

Marketing Communication

Communication strategies / Content marketing / Messaging / Branding / Brand launching events

We don’t do advertisements, we create value that drives awareness. We believe this to be the basis of marketing communication that can be implemented in every channel possible. We want to be your analytical and critical partner before you start buying media or other traditional marketing services for your brand.

Entering New Markets in the Nordic

Entering a new market - assume nothing, check everything. Whether your business is in the Baltic region and you want to enter the other Nordic markets or vice versa, we are your partners in creating market entry strategy. 

We assist you in finding out the cost of doing business, who you’re selling to, connections needed, your competition, the business culture, societal values, possible challenges and the type of partners you need to be successful etc.